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I am an artist and a gardener. Have you ever grown anything from seed? It’s an exercise of hope, faith and is this really going to work? Astonishing when it does. That’s the part that finds a place in my studio. Nature strongly influences my work while the intimacy of gardening magnifies it. My recent work, Hybrids, involves a creative close-up of nature’s hidden mysteries. Delicate line patterns in a summer squash—that we eat, but never see—create plant structure. More profoundly, they mimic networks within our solar system, tree roots, even our own vascular systems. We are connected. That is what drives me. 
Laurie is relatively new to the Berkshires, having moved from coastal Ipswich to North Adams, Massachusetts. (Fun fact—the two latitudes are identical—42.7º.)  What’s not a coincidence is what brought her here. The rural landscape and world class museums of Western Massachusetts were both a destination. She is now part of an artist community in the live/work space of the historic Eclipse Mill. She comes to fine art after a career in advertising and has a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art.